The Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo

  • Claridge, Amanda (PI)
  • Dodero, Eloisa (CoI)

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A catalogue raisonné of c. 8000 drawings and 6000 prints of Roman antiquities, architecture and natural history, preserved principally in the Royal Library at Windsor, the British Museum and Sir John Soane's Museum, but also in many other public and private collections across the world. The drawings were assembled in Rome between c. 1620 and 1689 by Cassiano dal Pozzo, a member of the court of Cardinal Francesco Barberini (nephew of Pope Urban VIII) and his younger brother Carlo Antonio dal Pozzo and organised in multiple volumes, referred to as their 'Paper Museum', and constitutes a major documentary source for the history of Classical scholarship and science, seventeenth-century perspectives on antiquity and the natural world, the archaeology of the city of Rome and pre-Winckelmann interpretations of Roman art. The catalogue is being published in three series: A. Antiquities and Architecture (10 Parts, 18 volumes) B. Natural History (8 Parts, 13 volumes) and C. Prints (2 Parts, 6 volumes). Amanda Claridge is the Series editor for Series A, and author or co-author of 4 Parts (9 volumes)
Short titleCassiano
Effective start/end date1/09/8831/12/19