The nature of illicit drug supply/suppliers and the appropriateness of current Australian criminal justice responses: Social supply and sentencing.

  • Bull, Melissa (PI)
  • Coomber, Ross (PI)
  • Moyle, Leah (Researcher)

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This research combines an analysis of sentencing remarks for trafficking cases across Australia (2012-14) with interview with the judiciary to with the aim of differentiating between the types of individuals prosecuted for trafficking and how the courts perceive them and why. Ideally this will provide clearer judicial guidance on how to discriminate between users, social suppliers and traffickers, as well as opportunities for legislative reform and the reconfiguration of Australia’s Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative in ways that can (consistently and proportionately) accommodate those involved in heavy use, social supply and minimally commercial supply.
Effective start/end date24/09/1828/09/20