The Letters of Juraj Dragišić and his Intellectual Network - project done as a part of the COST Action IS1310 Reassembling the Republic of Letters

  • Zecevic, Nada (PI)

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The focus of this research is the epistolary work of Juraj Dragišić alias Georgius Benignus Salviati (b. c. 1444–1520), one of the most respected European intellectuals of his time. My first aim with this project is to create a comprehensible open access online directory of his intellectual contacts, among which certainly the most remarkable were figures such as Cardinal Bessarion, Erasmo of Roterdam and Pope Julius II. Following the content of Dragišić’s letters and correspondence of various epistolary forms – some published in well-known scholarly editions, but many scattered in manuscript collections of various European institutions and archives – my second aim is to reconstruct his network and point out to the most significant factors that directed and shaped the connections within this circle and their socio-political and cultural dynamics. Finally, I intend to create digital editions of Dragišić’s most important intellectual letters and allow their search for various data and metadata
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