The Global Governance of Global Illegal Markets

  • Jakobi, Anja (CoI)

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the aim of this research is to analyze the variance in governing illegal markets. Illegal markets have some commonalities with legal markets and significant overlap. Yet, there are also huge differences: Some products are completely traded illegally, like narcotic drugs, while other products are typically traded from the illegal to the legal market (like wood from illegal logging) or the reverse (legal to grey and black market of weapons). There is thus a linkage of legal and illegal, and it is one of the most complicated governance tasks to prevent transfer from one sphere to the other. At the same time, we face huge institutional variance when it comes to the governance of illegal markets, ranging from completely state-based forms of governance to completely private regulations. By comparing different cases of illegal markets and public-private interplay in governing them, I aim to resolve the question of why specific forms are established and how this impacts on the overall governance aim.
Effective start/end date1/12/13 → …


  • crime, governance, global crime governance