Software Art Festival Readme 2004

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Aarhus, Denmark. Co-organiser, together with Alexei Shulgin, Soeren Pold, Christian Andersen and others. Together with Dorkbot, the Digital Aesthetics Research Centre (Aarhus University), The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, Rum46, CAVI.

ReadMe 2004 consisted of the Software Art and Cultures Conference (August 23-24, University of Aarhus) and Runme Dorkbot city camp, a face-to-face meeting of "people doing strange things with software" (August 25-27, The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts), Human- Machine Interface exhibition in the Rum46 gallery, and evening music programs in SPLAB and Musik Cafeen.

Financially supported by: Kulturudviklingspuljen Magistratens 4. afdeling, Aarhus Kommune; The Committee for Visual Art, The Danish Arts Agency, The Danish Ministry of Culture; IT University West; Aarhus University Research Foundation; The Danish Research Council for the Humanities.
Effective start/end date23/08/0427/08/04