Research into Kneehigh Theatre Company with reference to Globalisation and Cultural Identity

  • Trenchfield, Catherine (CoI)

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I am currently working towards my thesis exploring the above Cornish Theatre Company. I am exploring their work in light of their ambitions to become a 'brand', and achieve global success whilst maintaining their local heritage and connections.

I have delivered papers at the following conferences;


Jun 12-13th 2013 Paper: “Globalisation and Cultural Hybridisation within Kneehigh Theatre Company – tensions between the local and the global” at Another World of Popular Entertainments International Conference at the University of Newcastle, Australia

Nov 16th 2013 Paper: “Kneehigh Theatre Company’s use of myths and legends to develop their global product ‘Brand Kneehigh’ and to define their Cornish cultural hybrid identity” at Myth, Fantasy and Fairy Tales in Literature and the Arts Conference hosted by Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

Jan 31st 2014 Paper: “The Asylum – Kneehigh Theatre Company’s development of their own performance environment and rehearsal space” at Obligations in Contemporary Theatre and Performance Conference at Exeter University, UK

Aug 1st 2014 Paper: “Brand Kneehigh and Cultural Identity – Kneehigh Theare Company’s Global Ambitions and Cornish Identity” at Theatre and Stratification, FIRT/IFTR World Congress at University of Warwick
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