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  • Brisbourne, Alistair (CoI)

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The Global Studies Association (GSA) is based in the Centre for Global and Transnational Politics at Royal Holloway, University of London

The GSA Chair is Chris Rumford who is Professor of Political Sociology and Global Politics at Royal Holloway, University of London

The Global Studies Association (GSA) is a multi-disciplinary scholarly association set up in order to address the vast social, political & economic transformations of global scope which are impacting upon the world today. The GSA provides a forum for scholars to collaborate & explore shared responses to such phenomenon, particularly in the context of globalisation. The commitment to multidisciplinarity & to the global context make the GSA unique in its aims & scope & thus offering its members invaluable contacts & connections. In addition, the thematic approach of the GSA allows interests which are not easily accommodated in single disciplinary associations to be fully recognised & encouraged. Thus individuals who share a common commitment to enhancing understanding of global life can find an intellectual home by working with others in the GSA.

The aims of the GSA:

To advance the work of scholars, and other interested parties such as INGOs, who are interested in promoting the creation and dissemination of multi and interdisciplinary knowledge in the social and human sciences concerning global affairs, problems and changes.

To provide a forum for encouraging world-wide exchanges between people working in all fields of research and enquiry related to global studies by organising regular conferences, setting up thematic, national and regional study sub-groupings and by operating in close association with new journals specializing in global themes.

To facilitate the emergence of world-wide federation of quasi-independent academic but linked groupings which all share the same interests and scholarly research programmes involving globalization in all its different aspects.
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