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Community-based activism, capacity-building and research on political and social invisibilities of East and Southeast Asian women in the UK and beyond

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Radical Aunties Teh Party

Calling all ajumma, obasan and sanguliupo for a bitch-and-snack session as part of East and Southeast Asian month!

When: Sunday Sept 25, 2-5 pm
Where: An artist's studio in Hackney, tbc!
Facilitated by Shzr Ee Tan, with support from Youngsook Choi

You've seen her, you've been her, you are her, or you're going to be her: Michelle Yeoh in her shapeless knitted vest and nurse shoes bad-assing in Everything Everywhere All At Once; Sandra Oh in her Tiger mum-oops no-Red Panda guise commandeering stadium space, the ladies who lunch in Crazy Rich Asians who power gossip; the Japanese punk housewives who cover up a murder in Natsuo Kirino's Out.

Long marginalised as a sexless, minor character with limited agency in someone else's life, the middle aged East Asian woman has languished for far too long as a comedic cliche sitting with a resting bitch face at an Asian American Laundrette, only resurfacing in family gatherings asking stupid questions about how much money cousin Phan earns year and how often you clear your bowels a week. Either that - or she is the fearful dragon lady, terrorising the model minority doormat of a daughter in law (or for a change every now and then, Asian sex kitten/ dominatrix). But no longer is the East Asian Aunty relegated to the sidelines; she is coming into her own now, claiming and busting and remaking all gendered and race stereotypes!

In this get together in the month of September facilitated by Shzr Ee Tan and friends and inspired by recent academic movements spearheaded by the Critical Aunty Studies initiative (https://www.criticalauntystudies.com/), we will sip and share our stories about perimenopausal angst, silly grudges, badly behaved nephews, emotional embarrassment (and a clear lack of), self-effacement, high BMI ratios, white people and yellow people, auntie power under-dressing, and, simply - auntie power.

Bring your own snacks with stories, we supply the physical tea! Come dressed the part (however that may mean)!

*content warning: nerdy reading list provided upon request if you want to rise to stereotype of overachieving East Asian nerd

See: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdE-LifBdlnEtv1xg2NRge6M_pqqwlrh3Sj1thoCPd-czfwoA/viewform
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