Project Details


Southeast England: This project began as a WestFocus-funded study examining the adoption and use of ICT by SMEs in the Southwest London and the Thames Valley region of the UK. This initial project examined ICT adoption and use by SMEs in the food processing, transport and logistics, Internet, and media sectors in the region. For further details, visit the project site (with Dr R Dyerson, RHUL; Dr D Barnes, University of Westminster).

UK-wide study: We have since extended this work, in association with a London-based SME consulting company, into a UK-wide survey of ICT adoption and use patterns in the following sectors: clothing, food processing, precision instruments manufacturing, and financial services (with Dr R Dyerson, RHUL, Dr D Barnes, University of Westminster)

International comparisons: Comparative studies of ICT adoption and use by British and Italian SMEs (with Dr R Spinelli, Genoa University, Italy; Dr R Dyerson)

SMEs, ICT and intermediaries: This study examines the role played by intermediaries such as chambers of commerce, regional development agencies, small business federations etc in facilitating ICT adoption and ICT capabilities in SMEs (with Dr M Levy, Warwick University; Dr R Dyerson, RHUL).
Effective start/end date1/08/051/08/16