Numerical Modelling of Carbon Capture and Sequestration and Geothermal Energy Transport

  • Hier-Majumder, Saswata (PI)
  • Payton, Ryan (Student)
  • Sun, Yizhuo (Student)

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In this collaborative project involving Oracle, the British Geological Survey, and the London Natural History museum, we investigate the efficiency of carbon capture and sequestration in the subsurface. We use regional scale models to quantify the flux of solid carbonate during geological carbon sequestration. To validate the results from a microscopic perspective, we take subsurface core samples from the UK Geoenergy Observatory (UKGEOS) sites, analyze them using scanning microtomography at the London Natural History Museum, and model reactive flow of fluid in the pore space using Oracle's HP cloud computing facilities.
Short titleCCS
Effective start/end date15/09/1931/07/20