Museum Consultant | Paisley Museum – Golliwog Robertson’s Jam Display

  • Landell, Renee (Researcher)

Project: Research

Project Details


In June 2022, I was hired as part of a team of experts on racist memorabilia and anti-Black stereotypical imagery by the Paisley Museum. The rest of the team and I consulted the Museum on their forthcoming Robertson’s Jam display showcasing the history of the Golliwog caricature. I was instrumental in consulting and offering feedback to Paisley Museum staff on the design and approach of the Robertson’s Jam display, including placements of objects, the floor plan, its aesthetic value and educational possibilities. In October 2022, the consultation group was tasked to review and offer advice on the visuals, audio, and script of the museum's cinematic interpretation of the display, a short animatic by award-winning film director Etienne Kubwabo.
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