Project Details


The project was funded by the StoryFutures Graduate Fellowship Programme which links University R&D to SMEs via graduates as a bridge to building jobs, a skills pipeline, capacity and longer lasting relationships. The SME on this project was the museum app company Smartify (

Key findings

The project was carried out across two Phases:
Phase A - Review and Analyse the e-shop model in the cultural sector and beyond;
Phase B - Carry out an Evaluation of the newly launched Smartify e-shop function.

In Phase A of the project we carried out a review of academic literature and industry reports and presented strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of implementing an e-commerce feature within the Smartify app for the National Gallery in London. The analysis showed that immersive and mobile technologies can enhance the museum visit experience as well as extend the museum’s existing bricks-and-clicks retail model, adding value to existing app features. The e-commerce feature was found to be particularly useful for supporting social distancing whilst creating financial, reputational and service value to museums post-COVID. The report informed the design of the Smartify e-shop prototype function.

In Phase B, the e-shop function on Smartify was evaluated using an online survey. In total, there were 79 valid responses with the majority of participants under the age of 35. Overall, most participants indicated that the Smartify e-shop function was easy to access, and that rich and engaging graphics had a positive influence on their user experience. However, the majority expressed reluctance to recommend the e-shop. Recommendations included an increase in the range of the merchandise to meet different customer needs, product review functionality and wish list. Product availability and design with ‘zoom in’ features were additional areas of improvement suggested by the participants.
Effective start/end date1/07/201/03/21