Microwave photonic signal processing by exploiting intrinsic nonlinear effects in Optical Fibre for future Radar and Wireless communication Systems

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Photonic domain is a green field comes with terahertz (400-800) THz of frequency ranges along with huge abandoned bandwidth of 100 GHz and inherent immune to electromagnetic noise and interference. As a result, photonic domain is the perfect platform to circumvent the bottleneck problems of processing ultra-high frequency microwave signals not possible to process in pure electrical domain. We harness terahertz frequency radio wave with optical domain to process terahertz frequency RF signal inside an optical fibre on the fly by exploiting intrinsic nonlinear optical phenomena such as Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS). Our photonic group has been conducting many research project with industry. Our research collaborators world leader in aviation and military application such as NATEP (National Aerospace Technology Programme) and Leonardo MW Ltd.
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