Fire management in the tropical savannas of Brazil

  • Mistry, Jay (CoI)
  • Bizerril, Marcelo (CoI)
  • Berardi, Andrea (CoI)
  • Durigan, Giselda (CoI)
  • Andrade, Valeria (CoI)
  • Leonardos, Othon (CoI)

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Working on the interaction between people (including farmers and indigenous groups) and the tropical savanna landscape through the use of fire. Specific questions being addressed are: Why and how do people burn? What national and local social structures, institutions and policies govern fire use and management, and what impact can particular fire regimes have on this, as well as on the ecological condition of the landscape?

Research funded by the National Geographic Society, Nuffield Foundation, the British Academy and Royal Holloway.
Effective start/end date1/09/9231/12/11