Energy Critical Elements ores in the British Isles

  • Solferino, Giulio (PI)
  • Eskdale, Adam (Student)

Project: Research

Project Details


Define the potential for Energy Critical Metal resources in the British Isles, focusing on "The British Lake District" and "Northern Pennine Orefield". The project initiated with an MSc. by Research developed from September 2017 to September 2018, and concluded succesfully in February 2019. It is now further under progression via a Ph.D. scholarship awarded to Mr. Adam Eskdale.

Layman's description

We are re-evaluating historic mining sites with a new perspective. We do not look for resources of Cu, Zn, Pb, etc, rather for much rarer metals that are used for building wind turbines, solar cells, electric car batteries, such as cobalt, antimony, bismuth.

Key findings

Important grades of Co and Bu at localities Scar Crags and Dale Head North, British Lake District.
Short titleECE UK
AcronymECE UK
Effective start/end date26/09/1724/09/22