Depleted by debt? Focusing a Gendered Lens on Climate Resilience, Credit and Malnutrition in Translocal Cambodia and South India

  • Brickell, Katherine (PI)
  • Natarajan, Nithya (CoI)
  • Parsons, Laurie (CoI)
  • Zanello, Giacomo (CoI)
  • Picchioni, Fiorella (CoI)
  • Iskander, Dalia (CoI)
  • Chann, Sopheak (CoI)
  • Govindan, Venkatasubramanian (CoI)
  • Joseph, Nithya (CoI)
  • Cherukuri, Radhika (CoI)
  • Guerin, Isabelle (CoI)

Project: Research

Project Details

Short titleDepleted by debt?
Effective start/end date1/11/1931/10/21