Deep Earth Elastic Properties and Effective Rheology

  • Hier-Majumder, Saswata (Mentor)

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This project investigates the internal structure and physical properties of UltraLow Velocity Zones (ULVZs) patchy structures observed atop the Earth's core-mantle boundary. Using high resolution, 3D finite elements model of multiphase flow, the project will investigate the extent of coupling between convection in the Earth's mantle and the internal structure of the ULVZs.

Key findings

The results from our findings indicate that the internal structure of the ULVZs are dynamic and strongly influenced by the flow in the mantle. The results also indicate that the boundary conditions in the simulations can have a deep influence on the redistribution of the melt.

Conference presentations:

Stevens, M.,,Hier-Majumder , S., Baruah, A., Cai, Z., Phase Change
Related Mechanical Instabilities During Two-Phase Flow in the Mantle,
AGU 2015, San Francisco

Baruah, A., Hier-Majumder, S., Role of Microscopic Properties in the
Evolution of Large Scale Internal Structure in the UltraLow Velocity
Zones, EGU 2016, Vienna.

Melt in the Mantle workshop at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge
UK, (22-27 February and 10-15 April, 2016).
Effective start/end date20/07/1519/07/17