Curating Machines: Creating and Curating in the Digital

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A series of five lectures and workshops:

Erica Scourti, artist
Speak Through You: Automating Embodiment workshop and lecture

Annet Dekker, curator, archivist
Version Control and Archive Freedom workshop
Between Light and Dark Archiving lecture

Kristoffer Gansing, Artistic Director of Transmediale
Curating and the Post-digital workshop and lecture

Katrina Sluis, curator of the Digital Programmes at The Photographers’ Gallery
Imaging Machines: Google Image Search workshop
Desperately Seeking Audience: Hypercuration and the 21st Century Museum lecture

Nicola Triscott, Artistic Director of Arts Catalyst
Curating the Co-Inquiry: Working across Disciplines workshop and lecture
Short titleCurating Machines
Effective start/end date1/02/18 → 1/07/18