Cooking up Change? Housekeeping Competitions as Gendered Development Interventions in Vietnam

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The project is concerned with housekeeping competitions in Vietnam. With the Women’s Union in Hue, I co-organised and researched a competition in which men were not just audience members and judges, but participants with women. In turn, the study contributed to a number of critical debates concerning how to promote male participation in ‘family’ activities through initiatives which go beyond the merely monetary to include men’s engagement in domestic labour. Through the one-day event, two 2-day participatory video workshops (incorporating the use of body maps, as pictured), and follow-up interviews, the research questioned whether such competitions could be modified to provide the basis for culturally appropriate development interventions which alleviate intra-household gender inequality.
Effective start/end date1/02/1031/01/12


  • British Academy: £7,485.00