Care of the Self and Ethics for the Other: From a Genealogy of Asceticisms to the Critique of the Subject

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Project Funded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellowship

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This fellowship draws together Western and Chinese theories and literatures to develop a truly comprehensive genealogy of asceticism in various philosophies of self-cultivation, and explores how this expanded understanding of self-exercise can enhance contemporary therapeutic practices, develop intercultural gender research, and innovate environmental aesthetics and ethics. It examines the relationship between the idea of the “care of the self,” whose early Western genealogy was explored by 20th Century thinker Michel Foucault, and an ethics of concern for the other, nature, and the non-human as developed in Chinese traditions, with a view to surmounting the solipsism that seems to plague Foucault’s aesthetics of existence.
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  • subjectivity
  • asceticism
  • self-cultivation
  • biopolitics
  • care
  • nourishing life
  • gongfu