Biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Guyana

  • Mistry, Jay (PI)
  • Simpson, Matthew (CoI)
  • Berardi, Andrea (CoI)

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Working on understanding the complex interactions between key indicator species (fish, birds and crocodilians) and their wetland/forest/savanna environments, and the influence of people on these interactions; building capacity in local communities and national institutions for natural resource management; development of adaptive processes of natural resource management linked to local livelihoods; assessing the impacts of integrated conservation and development projects; analysing natural resource management discourses and politics, engaging with local to national and international stakeholders; the importance of scale in the provision of ecosystem services; the impact of climate change on key local community ecosystem services.

Research funded by the Darwin Initiative (DEFRA) (employing 12 staff members), the Royal Geographical Society, the University of London and Royal Holloway.
AcronymWetlands Partnership
Effective start/end date1/04/0331/12/08