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A Day with Rosi Braidotti will bring together Royal Holloway researchers, both established and junior, who engage with Braidotti's work, followed by response by Braidotti herself.

Rosi Braidotti emerged in the early 1980s as one of the strongest voices in feminism, philosophy, cultural politics, epistemology and ethics. Her book Nomadic Subjects established the project of nomadism that reformulated the notions of identity and subjectivity and engaged with transformative politics. Feminist nomadism critiqued the unitary subject, Euro-centrism, and acted to reactivate the dynamics between empowerment and entrapment through engaging with different levels of power and desire. The philosophical project of nomadism, further developed in Metamorphoses and Transpositions to engage with cultural politics and ethics connected to further work in eco-feminism and science and technology studies throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Her cartography of the human condition in the times of advanced capitalism evolved into her contribution to the development of the posthumanities, where The Posthuman continued to unfold the transversal and relational vision of the subject, while affirming an empirical project of transformative ethics based on such ontological relationality. Posthuman ethical subjects suggest a transformation for the human sciences - humanities today. Offering a political - and an institutional - programme, the new humanities emphasise the potential of the posthuman. Braidotti’s work has reactivated disciplines, arguing for a new form of knowledge and ethics and has had lasting influence on generations of researchers in numerous fields of study.

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