Swedish Performing Arts Award at Scenkonstgalan, Gothenburg

  • Skanberg Dahlstedt, Ami (Recipient)

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Ami Skaanberg Dahlstedts performance lecture A Particular Act Of Survival, created in April 2015 as part of her PhD studies, was awarded a price by the Swedish Scenkonstguiden - The Guide to Performing Arts. She was awarded in the cathegory 'Slow Food of the Year - nutritious confit that makes us grow as people'. The jury's motivation: We are close, both physically and mentally. We are told a story that captivates us and we begin to see ourselves in a new way. Why am I doing this? Why do I do like this? A narrative that begins in the personal, goes through us in the audience and then grows to encompass the whole world.

Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt and the light designer Åsa Holtz received the price in a wonderful gala performance at Stora Teatern, the beautiful theatre from 1859, and the former home to the Gothenburg Opera and Ballet.
Granting OrganisationsScenkonstguiden


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