Carina Ari honorary apartment in Paris

  • Skanberg Dahlstedt, Ami (Recipient)

Prize: Other distinction


The Carina Ari Memorial Foundation

The Carina Ari Memorial foundation was founded in 1963 and started to work in 1973, two years after her death. The scope and objectives of the Foundation are unique in international terms.

The overall purpose is to develop and support Swedish dance.

At present, this is achieved by providing financial support primarily in three main areas:
scholarships to enable young dancers to study abroad
scholarships and funding for dance research
financial support for elderly dancers who often receive unjustly small pensions and have substantial healthcare needs

I used this scholarship to scan for some japonisme, visit museums of Asian art, take a modified nihon buyo class with Juju Alishina, and also to walk in suriashi in Paris for my first year PhD project.


  • Scholarship
  • Honorary apartment