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Personal profile

Personal profile

I am a postgraduate research student re-entering academia after a lifetime career in IT and Project Management.  I completed my BA in Philosophy at Warwick University in 1971.

Research interests

My research is based on a new, integrated aural and visual approach to Old English poetry; especially the riddles of the Exeter Book.

Educational background

After completing my BA in Philosophy I went into computer programming.

During my career in IT and Project Management I studied and subsequently used many computer languages, System Analysis, French, Project Management systems including PRINCE, Quality Management, Risk Management, Cryptography, Communications, Contract Management, Financial Management and Resource Management.

Since I retired I have taught myself Old English and some Anglo-Saxon history together with some understanding of Proto-Indo-European and a Nilo-Saharan language (Dinka).

I also have a life-long addiction to puzzles and an interest in popular science and science fiction.

Research interests

The working title of my thesis is: Key to an Ancient Code: A New Aural and Visual Analysis of Old English wordplay with Particular Reference to the Exeter Book Riddles.  The thesis will identify and outline an underlying system of paronomasia (extensive homophonic wordplay) within the riddles and demonstrate how the scribe has reflected this within the manuscript.  The wordplay often reveals additional clues for the solution of the riddles: consequently the thesis will confirm many consensus answers but produce new and satisfying answers to others.  My research requires working both with the original manuscript layout (generally facsimiles suffice) and in the original Old English language since any translation of the text will destroy its paronomastic effect.

Once this system has been defined it is my intention within the thesis to put this use of paronomasia into context looking at clues to its existence within the corpus of Old English and Anglo-Saxon Latin texts, the evidence in the Old Norse 'Skaldskaparmal' and similar techniques in Classical Latin and Greek.

I also have another project to pursue exploring a possible link between Proto-Indo-European languages and the Nilo-Saharan language of the Dinka of South Sudan. This project is on hold until completion of my PhD research for the Exeter Book riddles.

Education/Academic qualification

Philosophy, BA, University of Warwick


Award Date: 24 Aug 1971

External positions

Adminstrator of Gegaderung website, The English Companions/Tha Engiscan Gesithas

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