Personal profile

Personal profile

Jenny Sjöholm's research is focused on the politics and geographies of contemporary art, artistic practice and cultural work. This Marie Curie project examines how contemporary art has been subjected to the process of privatisation and the privatisation of art’s institutional field in Sweden. It will explore an art world that is being changed by processes of neoliberalism and globalisation, which has given rise to widely held beliefs in the superiority of the private over the public, the creation of new entrepreneurial identities and the rise of new private patronage. These contemporary changes in the practices and geographies of art raise critical questions related to art world agency, art’s autonomy but also the nature of private art spaces and how they contribute to art’s value creation and to the circulation of objects, ideas and knowledge. 


Research interests: 

Politics and geographies of art

Geographies of collecting and collections

Cultural work

Geographies of knowledge and creativity

Object biographies