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Research Interests

The transition from the ancient to the medieval world, the ‘decline and fall’ of the Roman Empire in the west and its survival in the east, and the rise of Christianity AD 200-600.




HS1105 Gods, Men and Power: An Introduction to the Ancient World from Homer to Mohammed

HS2004 The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic

HS2005 Rome and its Empire from Augustus to Commodus

HS2124 The Later Roman Empire

HS3296/7 Christians and Pagans from Constantine to Augustine



Recent Publications

The Eusebians: The Polemic of Athanasius of Alexandria and the Construction of the “Arian Controversy” (OUP, 2007)

 (ed.), A.H.M. Jones and the Later Roman Empire (Brill, 2008)

 and S. Bangert(eds.), Late Antique Archaeology 6: Religious Diversity in Late Antiquity (Brill, 2010)

 Athanasius of Alexandria: Bishop, Theologian, Ascetic, Father (OUP, 2012)

 The Roman Republic (OUP, Very Short Introductions Series, 2012)

Christianity in the Later Roman Empire: A Sourcebook (Bloomsbury, 2014)