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In all the teaching I carry out, I take a ‘transformational’ learning approach, aiming to maximise the student learning experience and enjoyment through critical reflection, reflective discourse, and practical action. I think this can only really be achieved through a ‘deep’ approach to teaching and learning. In this context I try to maximise ‘active’ rather than ‘passive’ learning, giving students opportunities to get involved in the their learning through asking questions and making comments, and linking concepts with activities e.g. making students brainstorm about a concept they have just learnt. In a motivational context, I endeavour to motivate students by providing a positive climate in which to learn, and trying to make them feel that they ‘need to know’ i.e. showing the relevance of what they are learning to other course material, or to other concepts outside the subject including their personal environment. I think interaction with others is fundamental for effective learning as in many cases it is easier to negotiate meaning and manipulate ideas with others than alone. I use various methods for this including integrating discussion into lecture sessions, using small-group seminars, group fieldwork, student presentations and role-playing. A well structured knowledge base is also essential for ‘deep’ learning, and I do attempt to clearly display material, teach material in integrated wholes rather than separate pieces, relate knowledge to other knowledge i.e. not teach material in isolation, and try and use students’ previous knowledge and experience.

My current teaching responsibilities are:

GG2013 Environmental Systems

GG2001 Kenya Fieldtrip

GG3014 Savanna Environments

Undergraduate tutorials and dissertation supervision

MSc Practising Sustainable Development - involving teaching on core modules and supervising dissertations
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