Smart for Whom? An Internet of Things roundtable and workshop.

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This LEGO-based research method was developed during the TREsPASS EU-funded project, 2013-2017, and has been used with over 200 individuals in more than 20 workshops on different continents. Mixed groups have included security practitioners (at CyberUK in Practice 2016, for example), designers (IASDR 2015, Brisbane, see on right), local government, SME’s, schools, and community gatekeeper organisations such as Parker House Trust in Sunderland. We use this approach to create a shared space to think and for new ideas to emerge around complex topics.

Questions to reflect on while we are working:
• What does government need to know about what makes people and businesses feel safe and secure in this new IoT hyper-connected landscape?
• What does the active participation of the citizen and of small businesses look like in this new landscape?
• In what ways do internet-enabled devices and apps help or hinder everyday tasks and events?
• In which circumstances do these devices and apps make you feel potentially insecure in your everyday practice?
• How do you think the full range of community members might be affected by such technologies?
• What risks and opportunities are there?