Research Spaces

  • Kristen Kreider (Participant)

Activity: OtherPublic engagement, outreach and knowledge exchange - Festival/exhibition


This week of workshops, exhibitions and paper sessions is a student-run initiative between the Slade School of Fine Art and the Bartlett School of Architecture. Concerned with how research practices materialise within art and architecture as well as in inter- / trans- / cross-disciplinary approaches between these two and other disciplines, Research Spaces aims at making the spaces and materials generated in and between the disciplines not only debatable but also the site of a week-long research event.

Recognising the broad range of interests at both schools – from archiving to film-making; model-making to performance; patterning to painting; drawing to theorising – the conference will explore the spaces produced through specific research practices, asking the following questions:

- How can researchers open up the production of their research spaces to a wider audience and in what ways are these spaces then occupied, inhabited, activated or otherwise politicised?

- How do specific research practices materialise: as text, objects, works, constructions – or otherwise?

- What different types of spaces evolve from the crossover between art and architectural research as well as between these two and other disciplines?

- How do theoretical and practical concerns interrelate? How do we theorise space? How can we spatialise theory?

The workshops and conference paper sessions will take place from Monday 14th until Thursday 17th November, while the exhibition will develop throughout the week 14th - 20th November in a sequence of rooms at the Woburn Square Studios. Throughout these rooms and for the duration of the week’s events, researchers will be making, performing, teaching, discussing, writing or otherwise materialising their research practices so that the whole program enacts a physical and conceptual journey through variant spaces of contemporary research as produced by all those involved in the events.

For the Research Spaces exhibition, Kreider + O'Leary presented The Edge of Emily's Desk in the Woburn Square Studios.
Period14 Nov 200520 Nov 2005