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David Harvey argues that while the phenomenon of globalisation has been around for centuries, the popularization of ‘globalisation’ into becoming “ of the most hegemonic concepts for understanding the political economy of international capitalism...seems to have first acquired its prominence as American Express advertised the global reach of its credit card in the mid-1970s” (​Spaces of Hope​, 2000, p.13).

In Reading Group we ask: ​what images are analogous with the phenomena of the becoming-planetary? What are the planetary’s existing cultural practices and structures, what are nascent, and what should be provoked?

At the centre of Reading Group is the notion of a world republic by way of a modality of ‘pure gift’ acting as the dominant mode of socio-political exchange, which Kojin Karatani proposes in his book ​The Structure of World History: From Modes of Production to Modes of Exchange (2014). In line with Karatani’s thinking, we assume a post-state scenario. We consider the genealogies of future world-orders and ‘​cosmosp​olitanisms’ in the sessions, each with a distinct focus (see section below). The sessions share common threads of ethics and mandates: mandates of planetary stewardship and conglomeration, law, and rights of nonhuman, human, and other species. This is the revisiting of the concept of citizenship in a planetary era through a cultural vantage point​.
PeriodJan 2019Jul 2019
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