MĀ TELPA Art Residency in Riga, Latvia

  • Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt (Speaker)

Activity: OtherPublic engagement, outreach and knowledge exchange - Public Lecture/debate/seminar


Suriashi-marche féminine
Suriashi is a slow walk practiced in Japanese dance and theatre, martial arts and Sumo.
It involves the use of an internally focused state which gives an awareness
of the body, and of the body in space. It has been used for war training and wrestling, but Ami now has created a feminist walk out of it. Suriashi offers an ability to tolerate and manage strong emotions, and also put ourselves in a secure spaceship, with which we can travel and hover the streets.
Ami has practiced Japanese dance with Nishikawa Senrei in Kyoto since 2000.

Speaker and workshop leader
Period24 Feb 2018


  • artistic research
  • Suriashi Intervention
  • marche féminine