Dash Café : George Eliot’s Radicals, Warwick Arts Centre, Wed Feb 5

February’s Café focuses on Coventry resident and acclaimed author George Eliot, novelist of Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda. The enlightened outsider plays a vital role in Eliot’s work, bringing European ideas, art, and characters into the world of Middle England. Together with Martina Hall, producer of 2019 BBC Arena documentary Everything Is Connected – George Eliot’s Life, Prof. Ruth Livesey (Royal Holloway), artist Redell Olsen, and writer Anna Lawrence we’ll delve into Eliot’s world and explore what happened when Europe and Middle England’s philosophies and ideas met, resulting in Coventry forming a radical culture of its own. With live music from Amy Kakoura.
Period5 Feb 2020
Held atWarwick Arts Centre