Fieldwork: København

  • Kristen Kreider (Organiser)

Activity: OtherPublic engagement, outreach and knowledge exchange - Public Lecture/debate/seminar


Workshop for MA Architecture students at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark

'Fieldwork: København' was a one week workshop conducted with Masters students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The workshop investigated the idea of Copenhagen as a series of overlapping systems, through the composing, shooting and editing of 7 documentary films using Digital Video. Students travelled from the centre of the city to the perifery over the course of one 24 hour period, in order to understand the various densities, layers and systems of the city. The workshop was supported by a theory programme exploring ethnographic procedures, critical topography, site-specificity, autoethnography, and scripting techniques. Inspiration was gleaned from a supporting film programme of viewings of Danish film-makers Jørgen Leth and Lars Von Trier (Life in Denmark (Leth, 1972), The Perfect Human (Leth, 1967), The Five Obstructions (Leth & Von Trier, 2003) and the publication Fin de Copenhague made by situationists Asger Jorn and Guy Debord in a 24 hour burst of creativity, published by Bauhaus Imaginiste in May 1957. The workshop was concluded with a 7 screen installation at the Red Room at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
Period7 Sept 201314 Sept 2013