Bringing Shakespeare to Primary Schools

  • Charlotte Keys (Speaker)

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This course is a two hour workshop designed to help students consider creative methods of teaching Shakespeare in primary schools. As the most iconic figure of English literature, Shakespeare is often a challenging writer even for those acquainted with his work. As a result, children habitually have presumptions about the difficulties of Shakespeare when they begin studying the texts formally at secondary school. The purpose of this course is to think about how to initiate the teaching of Shakespeare in a way that does not forget what lies at the heart of all his plays: brilliant and imaginative stories. Creative exposure to Shakespeare at primary school will benefit children when they come to read the texts in more detail later in life. The focus of this course is entirely on the way teachers can make Shakespeare fun, engaging and educationally rewarding. It will also tackle the challenging language barriers presented by Shakespeare’s texts and offer techniques for breaking down the poetry in order to ease understanding. Additionally, we will also discuss how to approach Shakespeare as a cross-curricular subject, which could potentially span topics like PSHE, music, design and technology, art, literature and drama.