Architecture and Phenomenology Second International Conference

  • Kristen Kreider (Speaker)

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In continuation of the First Architecture and Phenomenology Conference held in Haifa, Israel during May 2007, the Second Architecture and Phenomenology Conference explores diverse relationships between phenomenology and architecture. The committee members of the Conference invite papers on the relation between architecture and phenomenology, and on phenomenological interpretations of architecture at various levels.

Phenomenology has been one of the most productive and inspirational arenas of thinking in the discourse of contemporary architecture since the 1960s. Despite criticisms made by other camps [ maybe schools, branches, factions etc.] of philosophy such as neo-Marxism, structuralism, post-structuralism, post-colonialism and so forth, phenomenological lessons on life-world, language, perception, body, creation and ethics inspired consistently leading architects and writers in architecture. This Second International Conference on Architecture and Phenomenology seeks to open a new chapter in the history of phenomenological scholarship and practice in architecture. The Conference will revisit how phenomenology has been understood and employed in the scholarship and practice of architecture and urbanism. It will explore architectural and urban lessons of recent development in phenomenology itself such as the ideas of 'being given' and 'saturated phenomenona' by Jean Luc-Marion and 'generative phenomenology' by Anthony Steinbock. Lastly, the Conference will engage with the contemporary situation in which discourses on materiality, sustainability, and digital design and fabrication claim to have opened new arenas in the manner that we apprehend and design environments. The Conference investigates how phenomenology offers itself as a valuable lens through which the openings and limits of these discourses can be evaluated.

For the conference Kreider+O'Leary presented a paper entitled 'Constructing Atmospheres: A Phenomenology of the Film Image and its Relation to Place'. The paper, published in the conference proceedings, offered a close examination of a theory and practice of Andrei Tarkovsky's film image, in turn contextualising and theorising the work done by Kreider+O'Leary in their large project and film work Gorchakov's Wish.
Period26 Jun 200929 Jun 2009
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