Apps, Data and Menstruation: Recruiting Participants for Online Interviews!

  • Laura Shipp (Participant)

Activity: Other


I’m looking to recruit people who menstruate and use a period-tracking app to take part in an online interview as part of my research. You will need to over 18 and based in the UK to take part.

Participation will include:

- A 1-1.5-hour audio-recorded interview over a video platform of your choice.
- Talking about how you use your app, your experiences of period-tracking and your thoughts on the data your app collects.
- Can be done alone, or with a friend who also uses an app.

This would help my research in understanding how people developing apps and people using them relate to cyber security when it comes to digital period-tracking. No prior knowledge apart from your own experience is required. Your responses would be treated confidentially, and your data anonymised. You will receive a £20 e-gift card to spend at either Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Asda as a thank you for your time.

If you are interested in taking part, or want to find out more about my research, please email me at Feel free to share this information with anyone who you think might be interested in taking part.