Acts of Legacy at Tate Britain

  • Kristen Kreider (Contributor)

Activity: OtherPublic engagement, outreach and knowledge exchange - Festival/exhibition


In October we took part of a Late at Tate programme entitled Acts of Legacy. We were invited by Fiona Templeton, who asked us to devise a component for her piece Bodies of Memory. Of her curated event, Fiona writes: Performance burns up in its very performing and is gone. Its legacy may rely on the act of remembering. For Bodies of Memory, Tate Britain is inhabited by the collective recollections of many past performances, performed and spoken in passing fragments, rising and disappearing like memory itself. Its participants are an intergenerational group of performers, artists, writers, curators: people who witnessed something being done. For our component of the piece, we devised a recollection in which we were rocks. As rocks, we signified pebbles in the pocket Samuel Beckett as performed by Bruce Nauman. In this guise, we moved around our allotted space in the Turner galleries in an obsessive pattern. Between walking and being rocks, we performed iconic gestures from performances that we could remember; more specifically, we performed gestures of performances that we could remember through having seen documentation of them on video. We, ourselves, carried a video camera each up our sleeves. The documentation of our performance thus became our very own ‘Rock Video’.
Period5 Oct 2012